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Blast Mitigation Consultants

Rajasthan Risk Management Services and Systems is a leading blast mitigation consultancy firm in India with its office located in Jaipur, India.

Ratha Yatra – The Festival of Chariots

Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath is world famous. This article talks about Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannatha, its history, significance and so on as explained by Srila Prabhupada.

"May there be good fortune throughout the universe, and may all envious persons be pacified. May all living entities become calm by practicing bhakti-yoga, for by accepting devotional service they will think of each other’s welfare. Therefore let us all engage in the service of the supreme transcendence, Lord Sri Krishna, and always remain absorbed in thought of Him."
"The Lord is perpetually happy, and if the living entities associate with the Lord, cooperate with him and take part in his association, then they also become happy."
"This is Krishna conscious vision: 'Oh, there are so many skyscrapers. Why not construct a nice skyscraper temple of Krishna?' This is Krishna consciousness."
"Temple means spiritual educational shelter. People should come and learn what is spiritual life, what is God, what is my relationship with God."
"By giving everything to the cause of the Lord, one does not lose anything, but he gains everything that he could never otherwise expect."

Sri Svarupa Damodara Goswami

He is the eternal associate and friend of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He lived in Nabaddwipa, and always stayed with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

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Culture Camp 2018 - Talents Day

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            [description] => Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir organised Talents Day Event in which children from both Culture Camps showcased the skills they learnt at the Camps.
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Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir organised Talents Day Event in which children from both Culture Camps showcased the skills they learnt at the Camps.

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Cost & Quantity Survey for Chandrodaya Mandir

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is one of the most challenging super tall building projects because of its very use, which in turn define its shape.

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Panihati Chida Dahi Utsav 2018

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir celebrated Panihati Chida Dahi Utsav on 25th of June 2018. The festivities included grand abhishekam to Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga, Narration of the pastime at Panihati, ecstatic Sankirtan and distribution of varieties of chipped rice preparations offered to Their Lordships. Many devotees participated in the celebration and received the blessings of Sri Sri Nitai-Gauranga.


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