Spiritual intercourse will be the essence of a
temple aiming for social reformation.
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir will be well
equipped to enable spiritual discussion.
There will be lecture halls and meeting
rooms facilitating rich discourses in ancient
scriptural teachings. A huge, state-of-theart
auditorium will create ample
opportunities for spectacular cultural
performances glorifying an emancipating

AV Infrastructure
An ultramodern Audio Visual Infrastructure
flexibly adapting to rapidly evolving
technological paradigms will be the
backbone of the outreach strategy of
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. HMPL
has been charged with the challenge to set
up the Audio Visual infrastructure for the
entire facility in the campus. Centralisation
and automation will be key strategies for
creating the facility meant to be easy to use
and maintain.

Sound Quality
The temple will have spaces of different
dimensions and utility. Huge temple halls,
bustling theme park, offices, waiting rooms,
hallways, residential facilities and many
other spaces of different descriptions.
it is imperative for the quality of sound to be appropriate to the specific region for offering a good experience. HMPL is advising on establishing the right acoustic ambience in each space and aurally isolating the individual spaces to avoid auditory interference between them.

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