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Saturday 16 December 2017
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हमारे कर्म: हमारे ही सुख दु:ख के कारण

यदि मृत्यु पूर्ण विस्मृति है तो एक जीव अपने पूर्व...

07.07.2016-3 Rathas Reach Gundicha

Hera Panchami

A Celebration Of Transcendental Anger The Grand temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri is famous for its unique ritualistic practices as well as...

Gundica Marjana

Gundica Marjana

A compulsory service for all sincere and truthful devotees Gundicamarjana means cleaning of the temple Gundica, which is non-different to...

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Yogini Ekadasi

The glories of Ashada-Krishna Ekadasi, or Yogini Ekadasi, are found in the Brahma-vaivarta Purana in a conversation between Maharaja...


Who are Pancha Tattva?

(jaya) sri-krsna-caitanya prabhu nityananda sri-advaita gadadhara srivasadi-gaura-bhakta-vrnda Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna,...

Sri Vakreshvara Pandit

Sri Vakreshvara Pandit

Sri Vakreshvara Pandit was Lord Caitanya’s very dear servant and is considered to be the fifth branch of the Lord Caitanya’s...

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क्या भक्ति पत्थर को पूजना है? एक संवाद

प्रचारक के पास मन में अनेक शंकाएँ लिए एक व्यक्ति आया।...

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Sri Sridhara Pandita

Among the innumerable devotees of Lord Chaitanya there was an exceptional devotee named Kholavecha Sridhara. In Krishna Lila his name was...

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Gaḍurikā-pravāha: Following the Crowd

The Vain Promise It is the human tendency to follow the direction generally taken by most people. In a world steeped in materialism, most...


Sri Ramananda Raya

Sri Ramananda Raya was one of the four personalities with whom Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu discussed the most confidential topics of Krishna...