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Tuesday 26 May 2020
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Sri Svarupa Damodara Goswami –

Svarupa Goswami

He is the eternal associate and friend of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  He lived in Nabaddwipa, and always stayed with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. When Sriman Mahaprabhu took Sannyasa, he became half-mad. He is more like the second Mahaprabhu.

Svarupa Damodara was an expert in music and Vedic scriptures – he was called Damodara because of his expert singing and musical skills. He has also complied a book of music called sangita-damodara.

Svarupa Damodara always stayed near the Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Irrespective of his mood Svarupa Damodara would perform kirtan to improve Lord’s internal sentiments.

Svarupa Damodara has been identified as Lalita-devi, the second expansion of Radharani. However, text 160 of Kavi-karnapura’s authoritative Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika describes Svarupa Damodara as the same Visakha-devi who serves the Lord in Goloka Vrndavana. Therefore it is to be understood that Sri Svarupa Damodara is a direct expansion of Radharani who helps the Lord experience the attitude of Radharani.

On the second day of the bright fortnight in the month of Ashadha, he passed away from this earth and entered into the Lord’s unmanifested pastimes.

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