Episode – 07

Deadly Donkey (Dhenukasura of Talavana)

Krishna’s most intimate friends tell Him and Balarama about an ass demon in the nearby Talavana forest. The Talavana forest was full of palm trees filled with sweet fruits. Because of the presence of the a demon named Dhenukasura in the form of an ass with his ass friends in the Talavana, no one including animals and birds dared to go there. The cowherd boys expressed their desire to taste those fruits.

Petitioned by Their intimate friends, Krishna and Balarama proceeded towards the forest, surrounded by Their friends. After entering the Talavana, the mighty Balarama began to yank the trees with His arms, displaying the strength of an elephant and caused all the ripe fruits on the palm trees to fall down on the ground. When Dhenukasura heard the sound of the falling fruits, he charged Balarama with great force and began to kick His chest with his hind legs. Then Balarama immediately caught hold of the legs of the ass with one hand and killed him by wheeling him around and finally threw him onto the treetops. Then all the friends and associates of Dhenukasura immediately attacked Krishna and Balarama with great force to avenge the death of their friend. But Krishna and Balarama killed all of them exactly in the same way as They did Dhenukasura and threw them onto the palm trees.