Episode – 05

Fire and Fury (The Fire Demon & Pralambasura)

The Fire Demon

Once, during Balarama’s pastime of killing the demon Pralambasura in the forest, the cows of cowherd boys, being unnoticed entered into the deeper part of the forest, allured by fresh grasses. There the cows saw a forest fire and began to cry. 

On the other side, Krishna and Balarama along with Their friends could not find their cows and they became very much aggrieved. They began to trace the cows by following their footprints and also the path of eaten grass. Soon they heard the crying of their cows. When Krishna began to call the cows by their respective names, the cows immediately responded with joy. But by this time, all of them had been surrounded by the forest fire and it was a fearful situation.  

All the cows and the boys became very frightened and sought protection from Krishna and Balarama. Hearing the appealing voices of His friends, Krishna, the supreme mystic, immediately swallowed up all the flames of the fire. The cows and boys were thus saved from the blazing fire. The boys who were almost unconscious out of fear, upon regaining their consciousness, found themselves with Krishna, Balarama and the cows, back in the place from where they had begun tracing the cows.    


Once, a great demon named Pralambasura entered the company of the cowherd boys in the forest. The demon who had appeared as a cowherd boy was desirous to kidnap both Balarama and Krishna. Krishna received Pralambasura as a friend although He knew his intention. Then all the boys began to play, challenging one another in pairs. Some of them took the side of Krishna, and some joined the side of Balarama, and they began to play in duel. The rule of the play was that the defeated ones had to carry the winners on their backs, imitating a horse carrying its master.

Since the party of Balarama came out victorious, the members of Krishna’s party had to carry them on their backs. Making use of this opportunity, Pralambasura carried Balarama on his back and he went far away, avoiding the company of Krishna whom he considered the most powerful of all the boys. The demon, while carrying Balarama, began to feel the burden, and thus he assumed his real gigantic form. Balarama quickly understood that he was a demon who was planning to kill Him. Immediately He struck the head of the demon with His strong fist. The demon fell down dead making a tremendous sound and blood poured from his mouth. All the boys then rushed to the spot and praised Balarama for killing the demon.