Episode – 12

The Vicious Whirl-wind (Trnavarta & Damodara Lila)


Once mother Yashoda while patting Krishna, keeping Him on her lap, felt that the baby was too heavy. Then she reluctantly placed Him on the ground and went to do her household work. Meanwhile, Kamsa sent a demon named Trinavarta to kill Krishna. The demon, appearing in the form of a whirlwind, took away Krishna and caused a great dust storm which covered the whole area of Vrindavana. The dust storm resulted in total darkness due to which none of the villagers were able to see one another. Mother Yashoda, unable to find her baby, began to cry pathetically. All the cowherd women tried to search for baby Krishna, but to their great disappointment, He was not found anywhere.

Having brought about this disaster, the demon Trinavarta went high into sky with baby Krishna on his shoulder. But Krishna became so heavy that the demon could no longer carry Him upward. Trinavarta felt the weight of the baby like a big mountain. Krishna caught hold of the demon’s neck and began to weigh him down. The demon tried to free himself from the grasp of Krishna but failed in his struggle. Crying violently, he fell down on the ground of Vrindavana and lost his life. The gopis saw the beloved child of mother Yashoda happily playing on the demon’s body and they picked Him up with great joy. All the residents of Vrindavana were very glad to get back their dear child.  

Damodara Lila  

The Damodara pastime is described in the ninth chapter of the tenth canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam. Once while Krishna was sucking the breast of mother Yashoda, she saw the milk overflow on the stove. She immediately put Krishna down and rushed to set the overflowing pan in order. Being abandoned in this manner by His mother, Krishna got angry. He broke the pot of butter which was kept for churning and started eating the butter in a secluded place. When Krishna saw His mother approaching with a stick, He got afraid and immediately started to run. Mother Yashoda chased Krishna all over and finally caught Him. In order to punish Him, she decided to tie Him up to the wooden mortar with a rope. While doing so, she found that the rope was short by two inches. She collected more rope but every time it was short by two inches. She became exhausted. Feeling compassion for His mother, Krishna agreed to be bound by her.

After this, mother Yashoda went to take care of household work. Krishna then saw a pair of arjuna trees in the courtyard. These trees were actually the two sons of Kuvera and they had been cursed in their previous lives by Narada Muni for their disrespectful conduct. Krishna dragged the mortar along with Him and struck these trees, causing them to fall down and thus delivered the sons of Kuvera.