Episode – 02

The Terrible Storm (Govardhana-Lila)

Lord Krishna performed Govardhana lila when He was a seven year old boy in order to crush the pride of Indra. Once when the residents of Vrindavana headed by Nanda Maharaja were making preparations for a sacrifice in order to worship and please Indra, the Lord of the heavens and the controller of rainfall, Lord Krishna advised them to stop the Indra yajna and induced them to worship Govardhana Hill and the local brahmanas instead. He explained them that they all should be grateful to Govardhana Hill which supplied the various needs of their daily life such as food, agriculture and maintenance of cows.

Nanda Maharaja along with other cowherd men accepted Krishna’s proposal and performed Govardhana worship as instructed by Him. When the ceremony was complete, little Krishna assumed a great transcendental form and declared to the inhabitants of Vrindavana that He was Himself Govardhana Hill. He also accepted all the offerings. 

When Indra learnt that the sacrifice which was to be offered by the cowherd men was stopped by Krishna, he became furious and caused a heavy rainfall resulting in an extensive flood which inundated the entire land of Vrindavana. Then Lord Krishna saved all the inhabitants including cows and other animals by lifting the Govardhana Hill on His little finger and giving shelter to all under the Hill. Then Indra realized his offense and begged Krishna to forgive him.