Episode – 04

Enchanted Picnic (Brahma Vimohana Lila)

Once, Krishna was taking lunch with His friends on the bank of the Yamuna. At that time the boys realized that their calves had gone out of sight, into the deep forest.  Krishna Himself went into the forest searching for them. Meanwhile Lord Brahma stole all the calves and cowherd boys and took them to a different place. Krishna wanted to convince Brahma of His supremacy and so He expanded Himself as the individual cowherd boys and calves, exactly resembling them in their bodily features, behavior and activities. Thus Krishna entered the village of Vrindavana surrounded by His own expansions. But the residents had no knowledge of what had happened. 

After this incident, the cows’ affection for their calves and the elder gopis’ affection for the boys increased unlimitedly, exactly as it did for Krishna. This pastime continued for one year at the end of which Brahma came back to see the situation. He got totally confused to see Krishna with His friends and calves. Then Brahma saw all the boys and calves transformed into Vishnu forms. He also saw many other Brahmas and demigods worshipping Lord Vishnu. Then he realized his limited power and Krishna’s inconceivable supreme power. He offered prayers to Krishna with great respect and humility.

After Brahma left, Lord Krishna returned to the bank of the Yamuna and rejoined His calves and cowherd boyfriends, who were situated just as they had been on the very day they had vanished one year before. But the cowherd boys thought that Krishna had returned within a second.