Episode – 08

Challenge of the Brute (Arishtasura Vadha & the creation of Radha-kunda)



Once a demon named Arishtasura entered the village of Vrindavana in the form of a great bull with a gigantic body and huge horns, digging up the earth with his hooves. The demon entered the village with such a fearful appearance and roaring that just on seeing this great demon all the men and women became extremely frightened, and the cows and other animals fled the village. 

The situation became very terrible, and all the inhabitants of Vrindavana appealed to Krishna for protection. Krishna told them not to worry and appeared before the demon, challenging him to fight. Resting His hand on the shoulder of a friend, He stood before Arishtasura. Digging the earth with his hooves, the demon lifted his tail. His reddish eyes moving in anger, he charged Krishna, pointing his horns at Him. Krishna immediately caught his horns and threw him away, just as a gigantic elephant drives a small inimical elephant away. The demon took courage and got up although he was perspiring and appeared very tired. Again he charged Krishna with great force and anger. Krishna again caught his horns and immediately threw him to the ground, breaking his horns. Krishna then began to kick his body. Arishtasura rolled over and bleeding from the mouth and passing stool and urine, he passed to the kingdom of death.