Episode – 09

Assault of the Lethal Bird (Bakasura & Setu Bandhana)

One day, when all the cowherd boys were sitting on the bank of the Yamuna river after watering their calves, they saw a huge animal looking like a gigantic heron. The boys became frightened to see this unusual animal. It was Bakasura, a friend of Kamsa’s, who had come there with the intention of killing Krishna. Having suddenly appeared at the bank of the Yamuna, he immediately made an attack on Krishna with his piercing, sharp beak and quickly swallowed Him up. All the boys including Balarama became almost breathless to see this dreadful scene of a strange bird swallowing Krishna. But Bakasura felt a burning, fiery sensation in his throat due to the glowing effulgence radiating from Krishna’s body. He quickly threw Krishna up being unable to withstand the pain, and tried to kill Him by pinching Him in his beak. The demon was not aware of that Krishna was the supreme Lord playing the part of a cowherd boy. The all-powerful Krishna caught hold of the huge bird by the two halves of his bill and to the delight of all boys including Balarama, bifurcated the demon’s mouth as effortlessly as the splitting of a blade of grass by a child. 

When Krishna thus freed Himself from the mouth of the great demon, all the boys embraced the son of Nanda one after another with joy.