Episode – 13

The Witch Trap (Killing of Putana & other childhood pastimes)

Sent by Kamsa, Putana, a witch, came to the house of mother Yashoda, disguising herself as a beautiful woman to kill baby Krishna. Because of her stunning beauty, no one checked her movement, and consequently she freely entered the house of Nanda Maharaja. Having found baby Krishna lying on a small bed, Putana came to take Him on her lap and offer her breast milk to be sucked by Him. She had smeared a very powerful poison on her breasts, hoping that as soon as He sucked her breast, He would die. But baby Krishna sucked the milk-poison along with the life air of the demon. Putana fell down on the ground, and began to cry loudly. As she died screaming, she assumed her original feature as a great demon and her fallen body extended up to twelve miles. 

After the gopis picked up little Krishna, fearlessly playing on Putana’s lap, the elder gopis immediately performed the auspicious rituals for the protection of Krishna. Since Putana was killed by Krishna, the smoke emanating from the fire burning her dead body created a pleasant scent of aguru. Though she had come to kill Krishna, she attained liberation for offering her breast milk to Krishna. Srila Sukadeva Gosvami, the narrator of this pastime blesses all those who hear this pastime that they will surely attain the favor of Govinda.