Episode – 06

Demon in Disguise (Vatsasura & the story of Bakula)


Once, a demon named Vatsasura, assuming the shape of a calf, came to the bank of the Yamuna where Krishna and Balarama were playing with other cowherd boys. The demon intended to kill both Krishna and Balarama. As he had assumed the form of a calf, he could mingle with the other calves. However, Krishna noticed the entrance of the demon and immediately alerted Balarama about the same. Both Krishna and Balarama approached the demon silently. Then Krishna, catching hold of the demon’s hind legs and tail, whipped him around with great force and threw him up onto a tree, thus killing the demon. Seeing the demon lying dead on the ground, all the cowherd boys congratulated Krishna, “Well done! Well done!” The demigods showered flowers from the sky, being greatly satisfied with this pastime of the Lord.