No human being could perform the wonderful acts that Krishna performed while He was present on this earth. The Lord's appearance as a man bewilders the foolish. When Krishna appeared before His father and mother, Vasudeva and Devaki, He appeared with four hands, but after the prayers of the parents He transformed Himself into an ordinary child. He became just like an ordinary child, an ordinary human being. Krishna is the baby who feeds on the breast milk of Mother Yasoda. He is the son of Maharaja Nanda, dark blue like an indra-nila gem (sapphire), and the life of the residents of Vraja.

He likes to steal butter, and is an expert thief of yogurt. He is the keeper of the cows and calves of Vrindavana. He dresses in yellow silk cloth, wears peacock feathers on His head, and He always holds a flute. He is the best of dancers, He wanders in the caves of Govardhana Hill, and He enjoys various amorous pastimes in the autumn season. He is the lover of the young cowherd maidens, He possesses the lovely complexion of a fresh raincloud, He is the bewilderer of Cupid, and is always garlanded with fresh forest flowers. His face is full of sweet smiles and laughter, and He is the wealth of the lives of all the young cowherd maidens in Vraja.

The darling, the prankster, the savior – Krishna comes across as a wonder boy with his mesmerizing flute in one hand and the ultimate power to destroy evil on the other dressed up in his shining warrior armor, he is a timeless appeal, a favorite of kids and adults like beyond borders and genders.