Mother Yashoda

Friend of Krishna Lord Krishna displayed a unique picture of subordination before His foster mother, Yashoda. The Lord, in His naturally childish playful activities, used to spoil the stocked butter of mother Yashoda by breaking the pots and distributing the contents to His friends and playmates, including the celebrated monkeys of Vrindavana, who took advantage of the Lord's munificence.

Yashoda was not conscious of the exalted position of Krishna. Therefore Yashoda's position was more exalted. Mother Yashoda got the Lord as her child, and the Lord made her forget altogether that her child was the Lord Himself.

Mother Yashoda was made to forget this situation because the Lord wanted to make a complete gesture of childishness before the affectionate Yashoda. This exchange of love between the mother and the son was performed in a natural way. Yashoda was such an advanced devotee that she never regarded Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but simply loved Him as her own child.