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Five thousand temples of Radha & Krishna, teeming with pilgrims, abuzz with spiritual activities at its ancient sites, Braja is a holy space with infinite possibilities for the sensitive photographer. It is the land of Lord Krishna's sweetest pastimes of childhood and early youth. With its rustic charm blended with the gravity of devotional pursuit, Braja exudes a mysterious character of harmonious contradictions. Dusty plains, hills, villages, fields and forests are the rich topology of this land. In the quiet of the mornings, songs of a million birds rent the air often pierced by the shrill plaintive wails of peacocks as if calling out to Krishna.

Here, Srimati Radharani is the queen. The streets, forests and temples resound with the holy name of Radha. Devout pilgrims perform austere parikramas (circumambulations) of Vrindavan, Barsana & Govardhana and some even spend a month or more on a walking tour around the chaurasi kos (84 kroshas or about 253 Kilometers) region that constitutes Braja Dhama.

The spirit of Braja is intimate devotion to Radha & Krishna. It cannot be found anywhere else. The thirty-day period of the pleasant autumn month of the Kartika brings in pilgrims and grand festivities to Braja. It is an ideal time to capture the devotional essence of the holy land. Explore this sacred dimension. Show the world the spirit of Braja.!

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