Blast Mitigation Consultants

Rajasthan Risk Management Services and Systems is a leading blast mitigation consultancy firm in India with its office located in Jaipur, India and is presently providing the blast risk mitigation consultancy to the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir project.

Col S. M.Bharadwaj, the Director and Principal Consultant of the firm, is an ex Indian Army Corps of Engineers officer. A civil engineer, throughout his career he has handled various types of explosive devices(IEDs and other demolition explosive charges) and is also a post-graduate in modelling and simulation. He has used his experience and knowledge of civil engineering and simulation to model and simulate the blast effects and designs blast risk mitigation for civil structures.

The security environment in the world has undergone a radical change in recent times and the threat of terrorist attack looms large over any prominent landmark building. The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir needs to be safeguarded from all kinds of explosive attacks within and outside its premises. Rajasthan Risk Management Services & Systems is helping device strategies and advising on the infrastructure required to handle any untoward incident that may occur. The goal is to keep the building and visitors safe in the event of an explosive device detonation / attack.

Rajasthan Risk Management Services and Systems

Rajasthan Risk Management Services and Systems specialises in the following :

  • Vulnerability and threat assessment of a structure or space from explosive blast perspective
  • Explosive blast analysis
  • Building failure analysis
  • Recommendations to prevent structural failures
  • Recommendations to minimize casualties
  • Generation of blast loads for design purposes
  • Likely casualty analysis and prediction
  • Structural component blast load performance

In addition to blast related works, RRMSAS also undertakes the following:

  • Physical Risk Assessment and Consultancy
  • Consultancy on electronic security assessment and evaluation
  • Risk audit of installations (including industrial installations) from physical, chemical, biological and nuclear risks.

In the past RRMSAS have provided our services to several clients as under:

  • Several Multi-storeyed high rise hospitality clients in Delhi and Ahmedabad.
  • MIAL T2 Terminal Arrival Plaza
  • MIAL T2 Terminal Parking Area
  • High rise hotel client in Mumbai
  • Hospitality client at Mumbai Airport T1C terminal area.