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    Kamika Ekadashi – 4th Aug, 2021

    The saintly king Yudhisthira maharaj said, “Oh Supreme Lord, I have heard from You the glories of fasting on Deva-sayani Ekadashi, which occurs during the light fortnight of the month of Ashadha. Now I would like to hear from You the glories of the Ekadashi that occurs during the dark fortnight (krishna paksha) of the month of Shravana (July -August). Oh Govindadeva, please be merciful to me and explain its glories. Oh Supreme Vasudeva, I offer my most humble obeisances unto You. The Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, replied, “Oh King, please listen attentively as I describe the auspicious influence of this Holy fast (vrata) day, which removes all sins. Narada…

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    Deva Shayana Ekadashi – 20 Jul, 21

    The glories of Ashada-Shukla Ekadashi – also known as Padma Ekadashi or Deva-shayana Ekadashi – are found in the Bhavishyottara Purana in a conversation between Lord Krishna and King Yudhishthira. Yudhishthira Maharaj, the saintly king, asked Lord Krishna, “O Keshava, what is the name of the Ekadashi that occurs in the bright fortnight of the month of Ashada (June – July)? Who is the presiding Deity of the auspicious day, and what are the observances of this day?” Lord Sri Krishna replied, “O caretaker of the Earth, I shall narrate to you a historical event that Lord Brahma once related to his son Narada when he asked him about this…

  • Sri Vakreshvara Pandit

    Sri Vakresvara Pandita – Disappearance day – 16 Jul, 21

    Sri Vakreshvara Pandit was Lord Caitanya’s very dear servant and is considered to be the fifth branch of the Lord Caitanya’s tree, In the Gaura-ganoddesa-Dipika(71) it is stated that Vakreshvara Pandita was an incarnation of Aniruddha, one of the quadruple expansions of Vishnu (Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Aniruddha, and Pradyumna). While some others like Vakreshvara Pandit’s initiated disciple Gopala Guru Gosvami and many others in Orissa, including Dhyan Chandra, a disciple of Gopala Guru Gosvami, says in his books that Vakreshvara Pandit is an incarnation of Tungavidya-Sakhi, an expert singer, and dancer serving as one of Srimati Radharani’s ashta-sakhis. Vakreshvara Pandit was born in the village of Guptipara near Triveni. He could…

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    Hera Pancami – 16 Jul, 21

    A Celebration Of Transcendental Anger The Grand temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri is famous for its unique ritualistic practices as well as festivals observed throughout the year. Jagannath Ratha Yatra is a massive annual festival that attracts a million pilgrims every year and one of the events of Ratha Yatra is Hera Panchami. During Ratha Yatra, Lord Jagannath comes out of the Sri Mandira on a divine outing with his brother Sri Balabhadra and sister Subhadra along with his divine weapon Sri Sudarshana, leaving behind His wife Mahalakshmi. To her, externally He gives the excuse of wanting to participate in the Ratha-yatra festival, but actually, He wishes to go…

  • Philosophy

    ISKCON, Founding day – 13 July, 1966

    The building was humble, the membership small, yet Srila Prabhupada’s vision encompassed the whole world. Amid the cacophony of a storefront at 26 Second Avenue in New York, Srila Prabhupada had begun teaching the science of Krsna consciousness to a motley congregation drawn from the local community. Then, in his characteristically farseeing way, he founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. We shall call our society ISKCON “We shall call our society ‘ISKCON.’” Prabhupada laughed playfully when he first coined the acronym. He had initiated the legal work of incorporation that spring, while still living on the Bowery. But even before its legal beginning, Prabhupada had been talking about his…

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    Sri Svarupa Damodara – Disappearance day – 12 Jul, 21

    Srila Svarupa Damodara Goswami was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s personal secretary and always stayed with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He is the eternal associate and friend of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. When Sriman Mahaprabhu took Sannyasa, he became half-mad. He is more like the second Mahaprabhu, in the sense that he fully understood the Lord’s conclusions on Krishna-tattva and Krishna-bhakti, and could fully represent them.  As such, whoever wanted to bring before the Lord a book, poem, or song would first bring it to Svarupa Damodara, who would examine it before the Lord would hear it.  The Lord did not delight in hearing literature and song which was opposed to the conclusions of bhakti (bhaktisiddhanta-viruddha),…

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    Festival,  Pastime

    Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra – 12 Jul, 21

    Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath is world famous. This article talks about Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannatha, its history, significance and so on as explained by Srila Prabhupada. Ratha Yatra (Festival of Chariots) is one of the world’s oldest religious festivals, originally celebrated in Jagannath Puri. By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada this festival is now being celebrated all over the world. In the summer of 1967, the city of San Francisco saw the Western world’s first Ratha Yatra. Many other swamis and yogis journeyed to the West in the past, but none of them had the vision of Srila Prabhupada: to establish the Krishna conscious culture of ancient India without…

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    Gundica Marjana – 11 Jul 2021

    A compulsory service for all sincere and truthful devotees Gundicamarjana means cleaning of the temple Gundica, which is non-different to cleaning of Vrindavan. On the day prior to the Rathayatra festival, the temple is cleansed and decorated nicely to welcome the Lord of the Universe the next day. This practice is going on in Puri since the time of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu cleansed the temple along with his devotees. Even today in Puri this festival is observed. Many devotees come together and sweep and wash the temple. Gundica Marjana Leela The imposing temple of Lord Jagannātha in Purī is taken to represent the kingdom of Dvārakā, the place…

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    Yogini Ekadashi – 6 July, 2021

    The glories of Ashada-Krishna Ekadashi, or Yogini Ekadashi, are found in the Brahma-vaivarta Purana in a conversation between Maharaja Yudhishthira and Lord Krishna. Yudhishthira’s Question Yudhisthira Maharaj asked Lord Krishna, “O Supreme Lord, I have heard the glories of Nirjala Ekadashi that occur during the bright fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha (May – June). Would you kindly now tell me of the Ekadashi that falls in the dark fortnight of the month of Ashada (June – July) O Madhusudana?” Lord Krishna Replies The Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, replied, “O king, I shall certainly relate to you of this, the best day of fasting. It is the Ekadashi that occurs…

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    Srila Shyamananda Prabhu – Disappearance day – 25th Jun, 2021

    Srila Shyamananda Prabhu was a great devotee of Lord Chaitanya. He was a contemporary of the great Acharyas Srinivasa Acharya and Narottama Dasa Thakura. The three were eternal associates of Lord Chaitanya incarnated to spread His teachings after the Lord’s disappearance. They studied under Srila Jiva Goswami in Vrindavan. They created a resurgence of Lord Chaitanya’s Bhakti movement in Bengal and Orissa, where it was flagging in the period after the Lord had left the planet. Birth & Childhood Sri Shyamananda was born on the Purnima (full moon day) of the month of Chaitra in a place called Dharenda Bhadura Puram, Utkala (Orissa). Noticing the auspicious moment of his birth…