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Culture Camp – 2019

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Culture Camp – 2019

Please accept the blessings of Sri Sri Radha-Vrindavanchandra upon you!

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir (VCM), Vrindavan has been propagating the highest spiritual and Indian cultural values and teachings to society at large through all its programs. Cultural Education Services (CES) division of VCM, is trying to disseminate amongst children, knowledge and awareness of the timeless culture and glorious heritage of India.

Armed with the understanding that nothing can bring transformation like personal and practical experience, our vision is to imbibe in school children respect for our ancient rich heritage by training them in recreational activities relating to Indian culture and offering them an opportunity to participate in a plethora of professionally designed cultural programs, culture centric workshops, intra & inter-school cultural competitions, fests and educational temple tours that are exclusively centered on Vedic culture and heritage art forms.

The Culture Camp program, is one such cultural initiative of VCM for fostering spiritual interest in children. Culture Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy a pleasant summer vacation, while being enriched by various cultural and value-based experiences. It provides a unique and much awaited break for children. They eagerly look forward to showcase their newly acquired skills on the stage during Talents Day, held at the end of the 10-day camp. Unique programs centered on training children in recreational activities related to our rich cultural heritage will provide them a platform to display and engage their faculties in creative and spiritual pursuits at the school and inter-school level. The Camp will also encourage them in imbibing the spirit of enthusiastic participation, team work and healthy competition.

Key features of Culture Camp:

  • Animation video shows.
  • Mantra meditation for improving concentration and disciplining the mind.
  • Learn Vedic hymns and prayers
  • Learn Bhagavad-gita sloka chanting with lucid explanations.
  • Imbibe values and ethics through Vedic stories
  • Get trained in any one cultural module of your choice.

The modules are:-

  1. Creative Fine arts: This module is carefully crafted to enrich the inherent creativity in the child through several mediums under professional mentoring. The creations will be exhibited on the ‘Talents Day’ in-front of all the parents and children.
  1. Fireless cooking: Helping children become less dependent on their parents for small little snacking and developing values of caring, helping & sharing responsibilities with friends or folks. Mind you, it’s all going to be without the risk of fire!
  1. Group Vocal Music: Lets the child learn Indian Classical Vocal Music with a tinge of love and devotion which can penetrate the hearts and touch the soul.
  1. Dance (Folk or Indian Classical): Brings out the best of expressions using all the faculties of the child’s person. The grand finale will be worth awaiting. Helps in confidence building.
  1. English Theatre: Based on glorious tales, this module brings out the actor in the child. They internalize, they express and they perform.
  • Fun games with Krishna
  • Exciting prizes and yummy sattvic food.
  • Perform on stage on Talents Day
  • A certificate for all participating children
culture camp modules culture camp modules
culture camp modules culture camp modules
Culture Camp Talents Day 2019

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