Deceit in the Realm of Conviction

Everyone lives by convictions. A belief system of right and wrong prevails in every society of humans. Usually not expressly stated , rules of proper conduct guide the actions of most. Principles like honesty, respect, gratitude, and politeness are instilled from the very childhood.

Most people oblivious to the notion of transcendence cannot exceed the mundane in deciding propriety. Given the choice of building a temple or offering food in charity they would decidedly choose the latter. Spiritual identity and the treacherous journey out of the dense forest of materialistic bondage is inconsequential to most as Maya predominates every direction of thought with powerful but false material convictions.

The consequence of adopting Maya’s suggestions is endless embroilment in the quagmire of material existence. The tenuous relationship between the desirable and the proper and the often veiled existence of gross breaches in righteousness creates a pretensive, decrepit society wading through the bog of dissatisfaction baffled by the pursuit of the impermanent.

Maya pervades the field of transcendence as well. A soul may become conscious of her fabrications yet her wile is impossible to defeat. Lord Krishna clearly states in the Gita that the only way to overcome Maya is to fully surrender to Him. So any path that does not hinge on complete surrenderto Krishna must be another fabrication of the cunning Maya.

Surrender involves unquestioned acceptance of the worldview, methods, instructions and goals that the Lord mercifully reveals in the Gita.


The acharya teaches these principles and practices and moulds the life of the devotee. In this way, the devotee develops clear perception of Absolute Truth beyond the false convictions created by one’s own shallow Maya-tainted contemplations and those of other equally bewildered souls.

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