Divine Education

This article discusses the proper approach to spiritual learning. The spiritual learning process is contrasted with the modern education system from the viewpoint of the knowledge given in the Bhagavad-Gita.

According to Bhagavad-Gita, there are two kinds of persons in society – One divine (daiva) and the other demonic (asura).
Divine Education
Those of divine nature are gentle and thoughtful. They practice yoga and try to develop spiritual knowledge. The demons are only interested in becoming rich and enjoying their senses to the fullest. The divine are compassionate to all living beings. The demons being conceited, greedy, and envious, are cruel to themselves and others. Divine nature is born of goodness. Demonic qualities emanate from ignorance.


Divine Education

In this age called Kali Yuga, demonic tendencies are strong because of rampant ignorance. People are unaware of their spiritual nature. The flawed experience of the gross senses is accepted as authoritative evidence of truth. Educational institutions propagate only mundane knowledge. After years of schooling, the zealous student emerges intent on a prosperous future replete with epicurean comforts. Impassioned with desires for conquering objects for whimsical sense gratification, he dreams of attaining a position of unrivalled preeminence. Sometimes the ambition can be so strong as to render no deed heinous in the manic pursuit.


Such is the state of the graduate. He is clueless about his real self, fully disinterested in the quest for truth. Even if he sometimes wonders, he is willingly baffled by cheating philosophies.
Divine Education


Without knowledge of the soul and his needs, the demonic exclusively endeavor to satisfy bodily desires. This tendency spurs vicious competition for monopolising worldly resources among the similarly minded. Such a fraternity of self-seekers drags human society down to the animal platform. The widespread strife and gruesome violence in the world today bears tragic testimony to this disconcerting fact.

Divine Education

The divinely endowed who begin the process of yoga should be aware of the improper education to which they have been subjected. Thinking that truth is yet unknown, they have been misled to believe that knowledge is cultivated by aggressive questioning. Without the background of spiritual faith, body and mind are the only subjects of discussion. In the absence of authoritative truth, every proposition is questionable. Without a clear understanding of God, the universe is accepted to have arrived by random processes with the sole purpose of supplying endless sense objects for the insatiably lusty.

Divine Education

One of the vital transformations for a yogi is the process of learning. It is based on the following paradigms:

1) God exists and He is the Absolute Truth

2) Vedic literature authoritatively describes Him.

3) These books are not the dubitable speculations of a conditioned soul

4) These are expositions of the all perfect Supreme Personality of Godhead given out of His infinite compassion.

5) They are learnt by submission and surrender to His pure devotee.

6) The Absolute Truth is beyond the purvey of words. If He is approachable through language then it is only by His causeless mercy.

7) Contacting Him and His pure devotee is the greatest fortune for the conditioned soul.

8) The fortunate student of spiritual science should acknowledge this undeserved kindness and embrace the submissive process of learning.

9) The student should completely reject the challenging process lest he offend the pure devotee.

10) If a pure devotee is offended, the Lord is displeased and He reserves the right to throw the offender into perpetual darkness.


Divine Education

The divine in a demonic culture need the support of a powerful process to sustain the discipline of spiritual learning. The chanting of Hare Krishna is that corrective, purifying process.

The sincere practitioners of this great science will lay the strong foundation of a divine society that -as foretold by Srila Prabhupada- will emerge and sustain on earth for the next 10,000 years.

Divine EducationDivine Education

Therefore, for our own emancipation and for the well-being of the present and future world one must earnestly undergo the process of self-purification by chanting Hare Krishna mantra in the prescribed method every day.

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