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Eight Questions for Gita Quiz Revealed

Bhagavad-Gita Quiz competition

Online Gita Quiz competition on the occasion of Gita Jayanthi

Eight Questions for Gita Quiz Revealed

Eight Questions are as follows :



What is the real goal of all Vedas? (B.G.15.15)

a) To get mystic powers
b) To fulfil one’s desires
c) To lead a happy life
d) To understand Krishna


According to Bhagavad-Gita, what is the nature of this material world? (B.G.8.15)

a) Abode of miseries
b) Mixture of happiness & distress
c) Place of happiness
d) None of these


According to Bhagavad-Gita, a learned person sees everyone with equal vision. Why? (B.G.5.18)

a) Because of his learning
b) Because he likes everyone
c) Because he sees Supersoul in everyone
d) None of these


Lord Krishna is the source of which of the following world? (Ref. B.G. 10.8)

a) Spiritual world
b) Material world
c) Material & Spiritual
d) None of these


What is spread all over the body and is indestructible? (Ref. B.G. 2.17)

a) Blood
b) Skin
c) Bone
d) Consciousness


By which process can one see the transcendental form of Lord Krishna? (Ref. B.G.11.54)

a) By Studying Vedas
b) By Tapasya
c) By Charity
d) By Pure Devotional Service


Arjuna calls Lord Krishna as __________, which means husband of the goddess of fortune.

a) Madhusudana
b) Govinda
c) Madhava
d) Narayana


Which of the following is both the friend and enemy of the self ?
a) Intelligence
b) Senses
c) Mind
d) All of these



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