Our Giving Nature

Our Giving NatureAs spirit souls we have an eternal nature that is constitutionally blissful. It’s composed of divine feelings. The reassurance of eternity imbues these feelings. Hence there is never a fear of loss or termination. These feelings are a result of an eternal relationship with Krishna. The desire to please Krishna with loving service drives the spirit soul. It’s his selfless giving that is his supreme bliss. It’s spontaneous. It’s not pretence or imposed due to circumstances.

The Infinitely sensitive Lord reciprocates intimately with the devotee, responding perfectly to his every need. The soul is dependent on the Lord even in serving Him. The association with the Lord is very rich. The Lord possesses all opulences in full and association with Him is spellbinding. Srila Prabhupada writes in the purport of BG 14.27 [quote]”The Supreme Lord is full in six opulences, and when a devotee approaches Him, there is an exchange of these six opulences. The servant of the king enjoys on an almost equal level with the king. And so, eternal happiness, imperishable happiness, eternal life accompany devotional service.”[/quote]

Seeing the Lord’s beautiful form fascinates the devotee. When the Lord blesses transcendental realisation the devotee is wonderstruck. Realising the infinite extent of the Lord’s powers fills the devotee with deep admiration for Him. the devotee enchanted by the Lord’s wonder, wishes to serve Him simply out of loving feelings stirred by His association.

However in the material world, the condition of the soul is different. He himself wishes to be the powerful, captivating entity that the Lord eternally is. Insignificant in time and space the embodied soul covets what is unfathomable to him – The infinite glory of the Lord. Instead of partaking of the bliss of service, he yearns for lordship with his limited powers. Needless to say his whole life is one long hallucination.

Yet time and again when a living entity performs a selfless act of giving, all humanity feels elated. Be it a charitable act for the needy, or a life of dedicated service through one’s profession, a public office conducted righteously or service to the downtrodden and weak, selfless acts win hearts.

On the other hand actions with ulterior selfish motives invariably elicit disgust, sadness or anger. A celebrity making a big charity for the cameras, Facebook likes and public image draws cynicism and wry laughter.

Why is this so? The natural responses to selfish and selfless behaviours clearly point to something intrinsic to the nature of the living being. That is his giving relationship with Krishna. The entire cosmic manifestation is itself a selfless act of the Lord’s giving. Everything on the spiritual plane is situated in an atmosphere of selfless giving. Giving is not a strain on the soul. It is never unrequited. Everyone vies to be a better servant.

Lord Chaitanya has established this intensely spiritual yet materially arduous principle of trying to become a servant of the servant of the Lord. Clearly giving or rendering service to the last servant, the humble subservient attitude, the earnest joy of seeing the Lord’s servants happy all aimed at purely seeking the Lord’s satisfaction without a tinge of personal gratification is the essence of our being and anything reflecting that spirit touches the heart.

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