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    Chaturmasya – 24 Jul – 19 Nov, 21

    This article presents the necessary information about Chaturmas-vrata, its purpose, its period, fasting during Chaturmasya, etc. The Chaturmas period begins in the month of Ashadha (June-July) and ends in the month of Kartika (October-November). Chaturmas means “four months”, which is the duration that Vishnu sleeps. This year it falls from 24th July 2021 to 19th Nov 2021. Some Vaishnavas observe Chaturmasya from the full-moon day of Ashadha until the full-moon day of Kartika. Others observe Chaturmasya according to the solar month from Shravana to Kartika. The whole period, either lunar or solar, takes place during the rainy season. Chaturmasya should be observed by all sections of the population. It does…

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    Mohini Ekadashi

    The glories of Mohini Ekadashi are narrated in the Kurma Purana in a conversation between Maharaja Yudhishthira and Lord Krishna. Yudhisthira Maharaja enquired from Lord Krishna. He said, “O Janardana! What is the name of the Ekadashi that occurs during the bright fortnight (sukla paksha) of the month of Vaisakha (April-May)? What is the process for observing it? Kindly narrate to me.” The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna replied, “Oh blessed son of Dharma, I shall now describe to you what Vasishtha Muni once told Lord Ramachandra. Please hear attentively. “Lord Ramachandra asked Vasishtha Muni, ‘O great sage, I would like to hear about the best of all…

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    Ekadasi – The Divine Purpose

    The day of Ekadasi is considered very auspicious. It is a day of fasting. It is meant for practicing austerities for a divine purpose. The spell of material identity conditions us to a limited conception of life circumscribed by birth and death and replete with interminable problems. The wise humans recognise this constricted state and contemplate freedom. If such thoughtful persons encounter the teachings of Lord Chaitanya through a bonaifed Guru in His lineage, then a path of blissful austerity that leads to the highest dimension of blissful spiritual existence opens up before them. “The specific significance of these incarnations is that to prosecute their ways of self-realization is simply…