• Goverdhana Hill

    Govardhan Puja

    Govardhana Puja was celebrated on 20th Oct 2017, to commemorate the pastime of Lord Sri Krishna lifting the Govardhana Hill to protect the residents of Vrindavana from the wrath of Indra. Devotees at Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, set out at the break of dawn to perform a parikrama (circumambulation) of the Govardhana Hill. Starting from Manasi Ganga, the devotees covered the twenty-two Kilometre path. At the temple devotees prepared varieties of foodstuffs like laddu, halwa, rasgulla etc The food was stacked like a small hill and offered to the Lord. Later, it was distributed to everyone as prasadam. This festival is also called “Annakuta(Hill of food) Festival”. Being the day of…