• Srila Prabhupada

    Voyage of Compassion : Part 1

    A Journey of Srila Prabhupada to America on board the ship Jaladuta In this series of historical accounts, we present the journey of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedatan Swami Prabhupada to America on board the ship Jaladuta. This is a day-by-day narration of his voyage with references from the diary he maintained on board the Jaladuta, his biography “Srila Prabhupada Lilamirta” by his holiness Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami, as well as his books, lectures and conversations. August 13, 1965: Calcutta On this historic day in 1965, Srila Prabhupada boarded the cargo ship MV Jaladuta from Calcutta embarking on a 35-day journey that would take him to the United States of…

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    Real Freedom

    It was the year 1922. The clamour for independence was rising in India. One young man from Calcutta swept into the movement for independence was Abhay Charan De. Responding to Gandhiji’s call for boycott of all things British, Abhay had rejected his bachelor’s degree for which he had studied at Calcutta’s prestigious Scottish Churches’ College. He began to wear khadi and participated in meetings of swaraj – self-rule.                             At that time, a friend of Abhay’s, told him about an eminent sadhu who was conducting lectures in Calcutta. He suggested they go and hear him. Abhay, who was…