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    Sharing Divine Knowledge and Ecstasy at NIT Jalandhar

    The Jijnasa Youth outreach program of Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir conducted a three-day day program at National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar between January 17 and January 19, 2017. The devotees conducted separate sessions for students and faculty. The three-day program culminated with a grand Sankirtana program in which the students and faculty participated enthusiastically. NIT Jalandhar Following were the events: Jan 17, 2017 Day 1 Seminar for Students 130 students attended this event. Jan 18, 2017 Day 2 Seminar for Faculty Members 30 faculty members attended Jan 19, 2017 Day 3 Musical Night 200 Students and 50 Faculty members attended   Watch Video

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    Descending Process of Knowledge

    Discovering the Spiritual Truth The understanding of the spirit self, the nature of our present atmosphere, the transcendental reality and the goal of life is gained by a specific process. In this process, there is the need to submissively hear from a bonafide spiritual master. The submissive hearing is possible only by surrender to guru. The more one is surrendered, the more the teachings of the guru will penetrate the heart, fewer the mundane barriers to learning. This is called as the descending process. There is no need to speculate or research about the truth. Simply by humbly hearing from Guru the truth becomes manifest. There are 3 authorities in…