The Material Conundrum ..

The Material Conundrum

We souls are wonderful beings.  We have divine qualities. We never die, we are eternally young and our hearts are brimming with ecstatic love. We have a nature of deep empathy and goodwill for everyone. We care for others more than we do for ourselves. We are all that is warm and touching to the heart. We are from a world where feeling acts are sensitively reciprocated.

There is absolutely no misunderstanding. Everyone feels satisfied in every way and everyone lives fully dependent on the Supreme Personality of Godhead- Lord Krishna. The tiny living being without any false pride recognises Krishna alone as the powerful. He understands that Krishna is the source of his minute capabilities. Consequently he wants to serve Krishna in deeply felt  gratitude. It’s a life of truth. No one is deluded in the spiritual world.

The material world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual reality. There is also love and caring here, but filled with selfishness. Everyone has forgotten the powerful and claims himself independently potent. There is misunderstanding and bitterness in every sphere of life. Acts of giving are reciprocated with anger and envy. (See how the cows who eat only grass and give precious milk are slaughtered mercilessly by insensitive humans). Everyone is in darkness about his own identity, that of other living beings and of the Supreme. In darkness we know hatred and have forgotten real love.

Everyone is being ineluctably dragged to the door of death and is constantly fearful. Nothing is of enduring value and all that we  painstakingly accomplish and thoughtfully establish is engulfed by the waves of time.

This life is clearly at complete odds with our original nature. In the darkness of ignorance instead of experiencing peace and happiness we only undergo pain and anxiety. This is our dangerous life always threatened by abrupt termination.

By our spiritual practices like Japa and Sankirtana we will revive our divine consciousness and be restored to our original humble and giving nature. This is the greatest transformation a human being can achieve. From the ephemeral to the eternal. From material to Krishna Consciousness.

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