Vision of the Universal Form

Vision of the Universal Form

Krishna’s charming childhood pastimes have been glorified since time immemorial. Uncountable generations of devotees have relished these narrations.

His lilas have been presented in different forms: Music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, poetry and now film and animation. Krishna’s activities exude His unlimited opulence.His supreme beauty, unfathomable power and intelligence enchant innocent children and fascinate Vedic scholars. Great Acharyas expound these pastimes for the world to understand the nature of Absolute Truth. Lord Krishna is certainly all-attractive and history is a testimony to that fact.


Krishna’s Childhood Antics

Vision of the Universal Form

A short time after Nanda Maharaja had performed the naming ceremony of babies Krishna and Balarama, They learnt to crawl on the floor. With bells tinkling at their feet and waists, their sweet crawling enchanted the gopis. Sometimes frightened by someone, They would rush to Their mothers like ordinary children. Whatever they did, it stole the hearts of the inhabitants of Vrindavan.

Sometimes, Krishna and Balarama would crawl up to calves, clutch their tails and stand up. The startled calves would run around in the courtyard and the babies would be dragged around on the clay and cow dung. It was a hilarious sight and Yashoda and Rohini would call the neighbourhood ladies and they would all gleefully laugh and derive transcendental bliss.

Vision of the Universal Form

As the babies grew, they became increasingly restless. Mothers Yashoda and Rohini would constantly fret about protecting Them from cows, bulls, monkeys, water, fire and birds to which They would crawl while they engaged in their household chores.

Krishna and Balarama grew up to be naughty children. They used to love stealing butter from the neighbours. They were so charming that the neighbourhood gopis used to enjoy catching Them red-handed and complaining to mother Yashoda about Them just to see Their innocent guilty expressions. Krishna and Balarama gave them transcendental bliss by Their sweet pastimes.


Krishna’s Shows His Universal Form

Once all the small boys went and complained to Yashoda that Krishna had eaten mud. Mother Yashoda took His hand and asked gravely, “Krishna, did you secretly eat mud? All your friends and even Balarama is complaining about you!” In a faltering voice Krishna said, “Mother, all these boys including Balarama are telling lies. Today Balarama got angry with Me while playing and so He has turned against me. They have all gotten together to make you angry with me. They want to see you chastise me. If you don’t believe me, you can look inside my mouth.”Yashoda replied, “Very well, open your mouth and I will see.”

Vision of the Universal Form

This was a tremendous moment. Mother Yashoda saw in His mouth all the opulence of creation. She saw the directions of outer space, mountains, islands, oceans, seas, planets, air, fire, moon and the stars. She also saw the elements, water, sky, the vast ethereal existence and the total ego. She saw all the products of the senses and the controller of the senses, the demigods, objects of the senses namely form, sound, smell, taste and touch. She could see the three qualities of material nature. Within His mouth, she saw all living entities, eternal time, material nature, spiritual nature, activity, consciousness and the different forms in creation. Everything necessary for cosmic manifestation was present in His mouth. She even saw herself nursing Kṛṣṇa on her lap.

She was awestruck! She wondered if she was dreaming or really seeing something extraordinary. She concluded she was either dreaming or under the illusory energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She wondered if she had gone mad. She wondered if her son had acquired mystic powers.

She reflected philosophically. She thought, “Let me offer my obeisances unto Him by whose energy I consider myself the wife of Maharaja Nanda and the owner of His possessions,by whose illusory potency I consider the cowherd families as my subjects. I pray that He may protect me!”

Vision of the Universal Form

As Yashoda contemplated reverentially, Krishna drew His curtain of internal energy over her and overwhelmed her with feelings of motherly affection for Him. She stopped her speculations and lovingly gazed upon her son. She took Him on her lap and fondled her baby overwhelmed with maternal love.

The inhabitants of Vrindavan are intimate lovers of the Supreme Absolute Truth, Lord Krishna, and reciprocate with Him in various mellows of relationship. Krishna ensures that these transcendental feelings are never disturbed by feelings of awe and reverence for Him. To Nanda and Yashoda Krishna is forever their son, the apple of their eye and the purpose of their existence.


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