What Flowers Can Teach Us

A Fresh look at Flowers!

What Flowers Can Teach Us

Krishna’s Mystical Potency

The earth contains all fragrances. Krishna teaches in the 7th Chapter of the Gita, punyogandhaprithivyamca, “I am the original fragrance of the earth.” All of us have experienced rain and enjoyed the wonderful fragrance that emanates from earth when rain falls. In a flower garden, there may be a variety of flowers – rose, jasmine, marigold, parijata, chrysanthemum, champa, chameli, rajanigandha, and many others. Each flower has its own fragrance and each fragrance has its uniqueappeal. The fragrance of a blooming lotus is one of the finest fragrances known to man. It is remarkable to note, that while plants can extract fragrances from the earth, we humans cannot. Though plants have biological mechanisms, it is Krishna’s mystic potency that makes it possible for them to extract fragrances from the earth. Humans can extract fragrances from flowers, but not the earth. It is powerful illustration of Krishna’s inimitable mystic potencies at work in nature. By the same token we cannot create even a grain of rice, a blade of grass a drop of milk, a fruit or a vegetable. Every essential need supplied by nature is Krishna’s mystical gift.


The Beauty of Flowers

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Flowers are beautiful. The delicacy, colour, form and texture of flowers, their arrangement within the leaves,in the gardens, the fields, mountains or valleysare a most attractive vision for the eyes. Flowers have been subjects of flamboyant expressions in art and poetry from time immemorial. Flowers give happiness. Flowers are gifted as expressions of love and affection because they unfailingly fill the recipient with joy. This enchanting beauty of flowers is the smile of Krishna.


The Divinity of Flowers

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Flowers are vital adornments for altars, Deities and holy occasions. They are used in all Vedic rituals like arati, archana, yajna and acamana. The daily offering of beautifully made flower garlands are essential decorations of Deities. The spiritual master and exalted spiritual personalities are always honoured with flower garlands. Decorating the Lord, His abode and devotees, flowers are very dear to the Lord. In the spiritual world too, Krishna is always seen decorated with a garland of vyjayanti flowers. Flowers are divine due to the Lord’s love for them.


The Withering of Flowers

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Although flowers give us great joy, subject to the destructive influence of time, they gradually lose their vitality and charm. The withering of flowers is disappointing to the connoisseur. The shrivelled flower turns to earth and becomes a source of vitality for posterity. Even the finest creations of nature are subject to decline and destruction. It is a lesson in detachment. It is important to utilise things in the service of the Lord without maintaining any personal attachments, knowing well their ultimate destination. That includes our bodies, our relationships and our mundane knowledge. Since, the endless cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction in nature is prominently visible in the budding, blossoming and withering of a flower, the flower is teaching us to view things of this world, however wondrous, with detachment.

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