Cultural Education Centre

VCM’s Cultural Education Centre will be a place of learning that combines the cultural flagships of India into one area, energizing education, tradition, values, art and recreation. It will create an inspiring place that will give the visitors the experience and opportunities for personal development, learning and entertainment. The centre will be designed as a community development space, integrating various cultural programs and functions.

In addition to showcasing the overall unique aspects of Indian culture, the overarching mission of the Cultural Education Centre will be to promote value education, impart special education to improve the vocational skills of the attendees, especially children and youth, protect and preserve the national heritage, art and culture through various activities and events. 
Our focus will include all age groups and social categories and will be grounded in the perspective that culture and values systematically shape relationships among individuals, larger institutions and society. Moreover, ideas related to culture and values will be infused in all contexts, including family, school, neighbourhood, community and social contexts. They shape learning and development across moral, social, psychological, spiritual and emotional domains.
The Cultural Education Centre will be well-equipped with advanced sound systems and projector facilities that support proper training, teaching programs and lectures. It will be properly ventilated and can accommodate many people. Activities like Value Education for children, Youth Empowerment and Counselling programs will be conducted on a regular basis.