Façade Engineering

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is an iconic building with height of approximately 300m with glazing and GRC and several other ornamental features. The building design itself in many ways not a typical building due to large volume (hollow floors), combination of steel concrete structure, etc. Hence, BES has approached the facade designs with make use of the main steel building structural frame works so that facade systems do not have to use another secondary layer of steel works. 

Steel Structure Integration:

The tower has enormous spaces of 27 m high, glazing systems require efficient supporting systems. BES has worked out an optimised structural frame work which has then integrated as part of main building structure. This has been achieved with detailed level of communication between BES and the building structural consultants.

Glass Selection:

The selection of glass has become a challenging process due to various challenges specifically due to building geometry. BES has resolved a 3D geometry and optimised such that glass panels achieved standard sizes resulting repetitive sizes and has achieved significant cost savings. BES has done detailed study and arrived glass performance and characters to comply with several aspects such as structural, safety, visual, thermal and acoustic requirements.

Façade Access:

BES with its experience and expertise on tall buildigns has greatly helped in addressing maintenance access for facades. BES has proposed an appropriate access / BMU arrangemens to cater the building at several levels with combinations of three systems.

BES Consultants

BES Consultants is an international design firm offering a wide range of professional services including engineering, technologies, design and consulting in the specialist field of Building Envelopes / facade Engineering / Architectural Engineering. BES has been associated with several iconic buildings completed in the region and has gained good reputation as a leading building specialist.


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