Gau Seva is an integral aspect of our Vedic heritage and culture. In our country, cows are not only protected but also revered and worshipped. Our Vedic scriptures state that all the devatas reside in a cow's body. Hence, the cow is considered to be divine and regarded as a mother. Gau Mata is an example of selflessness. She renders many valuable services to human civilization, and protecting her is a practical means to benefit society.

We are taking care of about 185 cows in our Gaushala including the injured, sick and abandoned cattle. These cows and calves are fed nutritious food, their health is constantly monitored and they undergo routine medical check-ups. A dedicated team of well-trained members works tirelessly to ensure that the residents of Surabhi Gaushala receive the best care and comfort. We aspire to serve more indigenous cattle, intensify rescue operations and extend the shelters and grazing areas.

We request you to take this opportunity to serve the sacred cows by contributing for their welfare. Your donations will help us continue our Gau Raksha program and provide shelter to many more distressed cows. Let us join together to protect Gau Mata.

Click on the link below to adopt a cow and sponsor it's needs on a monthly basis