People from economically disadvantaged households visit government hospitals to avail affordable healthcare. The attendants of the patients have to spend most of the day in the hospital premises and have limited accessibility to hygienic food at reasonable price. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened their situation further making them struggle to make ends meet.Many people have lost jobs, their dear ones are admitted in hospitals and adding to this anxiety, they do not get even two full meals a day. 

To mitigate the suffering of these distressed people, we are serving free, hygienic and nutritious food through our AnnaSri program. This intervention helps them to stay healthy and also save their limited resources for medicines and treatment. They joyfully collect their meals from the devotees who serve them with great enthusiasm.

The smiles of contentment on the faces of our beneficiaries encourage us to reach out to many more people. We request you to come forward and contribute generously to help us continue our services to the needy. Make a difference in their lives and be blessed.