HVAC Infrastructure

Gupta Consultants & Associates are the HVAC & BMS Consultants for the project. The various spaces like the temple halls, Krishna Lila theme park, class rooms and hospitality areas would need a well-planned heating, ventilation and air-conditioning infrastructure that does not affect the aesthetics of the building.Gupta Consultants and associates with their widespread reputation as experts in the field will guide the setting up of this vital substructure of the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir.

Given the extreme weather conditions of Vrindavan, the challenge for the HVAC systems is to provide comfortable living conditions year round. Keeping the infrastructure costs low during construction and the energy bills low when running are challenging aspects being carefully considered by the company.

Gupta Consultants and associates

Gupta Consultants & Associates was established in 1972 to provide consultancy in the field of air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration. The firm has been designing all types of HVAC systems and specializing in designing systems for many diverse and specialized applications such as hospitals, five star hotels, large commercial complexes, industrial projects, clean room applications, pharmaceutical units etc. Our endeavor has always been to design systems which are innovative yet economical.

A special emphasis is also given on designing energy efficient systems using the latest technology Gupta Consultants & Associates have designed hundreds of projects with in India. They have also designed several projects internationally in Middle East countries, SAARC countries, CIS countries etc.  Their experience of over 40 year both in India and in other countries eminently qualifies them to handle almost any type and any size of project anywhere in the world.


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