The essence of the landscape design is recreating the ambience of Vrindavan as it was 5000 years ago.

Quintessence Design Studio, led by the vast experience of their Principal Landscape Architect, Mr. Rajesh Shukla, were chosen to design the aesthetic experience, which transcends a sensual appeal to provide a glimpse of the ambience of Vrindavan in the times of Lord Krishna.

Quintessenceis developing the 12 forests of Vraja and aim to replicate the 84 kms of VrajaParikarama with these forests. The design process has involved researching Vrindavan and Krishna by studying Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.

The effort includes a unique challenge of recreating and developing the Yamuna creek that will meander through all the forests allowing for an educative and relaxing boat ride. In addition, navigating the visitors through the temple entry and to the various attractions of Krishna Lila Theme Park and the 12 recreated forests, especially in the peak season, making it a rich aesthetic and spiritual experience, is a Landscaping challenge being worked by the team. The goal of the project is to be of interest to a wide age group, from children to elders from the landscaping viewpoint. To present the lush, clean and beautiful ambience of Vrindavan that was, is an exciting prospect for the team. To deal with the ecological environment with the quality of land and water to create and maintain the forests of Vraja is also on the team’s design program.

The aim is to see the mature landscaped forests on the day the temple is unveiled.

Quintessence Design Studio

Quintessenceis a Consultancy group, engaged in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Environmental design & Site planning.

Since inception in 1989, they have consulted several Architectural Consultancy Firms, with projects spread all over India. Projects vary in area from a few acres to several hundred acres. Some of their major projects are Sahara Aamby valley near Pune (1000acres), Reliance Corporate Park, Mumbai (500 Acres), Renaissance township at Burdwan near Kolkata (260 acres), Asian Paints plant at Rohtak (110 Acres), Indus International School in Pune (40acres).

The company contributes in Environmental Analysis, Development Planning, Landscape Architecture, Land Management, Heritage & Ecology. The company has been involved in several Historic Conservation & study jobs in association with India Heritage Foundation, Bangalore for Vrindavan Ghats, CPCB and GTZ-ASEM for Ecocity, Vrindavan. They have executed many Residential, Recreational & leisure developments, Commercial& Institutional projects. Quintessence has won several National Competitions such as Botanical gardens of India Republic at Noida, Martyrs' Memorial at Itanagar, School of Planning & Architecture in Bhopal, National Science Park at Delhi etc.

The company has been involved in various Green Building projects, both with LEED & IGBC- India. They have received LEED’s PLATINUM Rating for two projects- Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon, India & Reliance Corporate Park, Mumbai, India. The company has also received Gold rating for a housing project ARG Puram at Jaipur from IGBC India. Their Principal Landscape Architect- Mr. Rajesh Shukla has been a visiting faculty member in the Department of Conservation and Landscape Architecture, School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), New Delhi. He also worked as an elected advisor to Bihar Urban Infrastructure development Corporation Limited/DHV India for providing advisory services and technical support for review of master plan for various town and DPRs for river front development etc.

Some of their notable projects are:

  1. Sahara Aamby Valley, Lonavala
  2. Reliance Corporate Park, Mumbai
  3. Vatsalyagram, Vrindavan
  4. BhushanSteel Plant,Orissa
  5. Development of Smart City, Surat
  6. BPTP I-Park, Gurgaon
  7. Adobe Software Systems, Noida
  8. ATS Greens II, Greater Noida
  9. Jaypee Sports Academy, Greater Noida
  10. Asian Paints Plant, Pune &Rohtak
  11. Tavleen Resorts and SPA, Chail, Himachal Pradesh
  12. Amila Hills Residential and ITC Hotel, Shimla