Pinkerton are the Security Consultants for the project. From the security conceptualization to the detailed design, Pinkerton has deployed a well-experienced team for Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple. Envisaging the possible risk scenarios and working on the strategy for mitigating the risks through the optimum deployment of people, process, technology and infrastructure is the core competence that the company has brought to the project. 


Pinkerton traces its roots to 1850 when Allan Pinkerton founded Pinkerton's National Detective Agency. In its rich history Pinkerton created the forerunner to the U.S. Secret Service, hired America's first woman detective, and has remained the industry leader in developing innovative security and risk management solutions for national and international corporations

Pinkerton is the industry’s leading provider of risk management services and solutions for organizations throughout the world. The firm has over 160 years of experience in risk management for businesses and enterprises. Pinkerton offers the experience and global resources to provide Fortune 1000 companies with reliable and comprehensive Security Design Services for a wide variety of facilities around the world, incorporating Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED) – followed by diligent assessment of the concept

Some of the notable projects that the Pinkerton has executed in the recent past include for DLF, ASF SEZ, Red Fort Capital, Tapasya Group and ANZ Bank. Pinkerton is also the recipient of Secona award for best design project of the year 2016.