Offer your sevas on Shri Krishna Janmashtami 

Pushpalankara Seva                             ₹501.00 
The Deities of Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra 
and Their altar will be decorated with flower
garlands and other intricate floral
arrangements. Take the opportunity to
participate in this service of offering floral
decoration to the Lord.


Mandir Alankara Seva                        ₹1001.00 
The entire venue of Janmashtami will be profusely
decorated with various floral and
ornamental arrangements. Devotees will feel
transported to the Lord's ever beautiful spiritual
abode. Offer Mandira Alanakra Seva to help create
a divine atmosphere for the Lord & His devotees.


Abhishek Seva                                    ₹1001.00 
On the occasion of the Supreme Lord's divine
appearance, to the chanting of Vedic Mantras and
Sankirtana, He is offered an elaborate bath with
milk, yogurt, honey, medicinal waters, and fruit
juices. Offer Abhisheka Seva and feel connected
with this grand service of the Lord.


Annadan Seva                                    ₹2,501.00 
All visitors will be served the
Lord's Mahaprasadam. Offer Annadan Seva
and get the great fortune of distributing
Mahaprasadam to the devotees of the Lord.


Vastra Alankara Seva                        ₹5,001.00 
On every Janmashtami the Deities are offered
a grand silk dress intricately embroidered with
glittering stones and silk threads which takes
almost two months to prepare. Offer Vastra
Alankara Seva for the pleasure of the Lord and
His devotees.


Chappan Bhog Seva                       ₹10,001.00 
The abiding tradition of Vraj is to offer
the Lord a feast of 56 Items on the day of
His appearance. These 56 items consist of
sweets, savouries, rice preparations, varieties
of curries, dals, and juices. Offer Chappan Bhog
Seva to the Lord on the day of His appearance.