Structural Design

Thornton Tomasetti is providing structural engineering services for the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir which will become the tallest and largest religious structure in India. The temple halls feature 35-meter, column free spans with an approximate height of 24 meters. The long spans are supported by steel trusses. The roofs of the wings are mounted with decorative shikhars or Gopurams which vary from 5 to 20 meters in height.

The main tower rises to a height of 210 meters with a few intermediate refuge and service floors. Located in a high seismic zone of India, the tower has been designed to resist wind and seismic loads. The floor system for the tower is steel framed floor supporting concrete slab on metal deck. The lateral system consists of central reinforced concrete core and eight reinforced concrete mega columns connected to the core by outrigger at multiple levels.

The main challenge for Thornton Tomasetti was to work out the structural design of the project keeping in view the locally available resources. The longevity requirements of the project posed a unique challenge for the engineering the structure and Thornton Tomasetti have innovated novel solutions both in terms of material and design to deal with the various complexities. The spiritual motivation of all the consultants and individuals involved with the project, has proved to be an inspiration to the Thornton Tomasetti team on this particular project.

Thornton Tomasetti

Thornton Tomasetti is a 1,200-person, “ENR Top 125” international firm headquartered in New York City with offices in 38 cities around the world including Mumbai, London, the United Arab Emirates, Shanghai and Moscow. We provide a full range of engineering design, investigation, consulting and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and complexity.

Representative projects include :

  1.  Kingdom tower in Jeddah,
  2. The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  3. Shanghai Tower in China,
  4. MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, USA,
  5. Baku Olympic Stadium, Baku, Azerbaijan
  6. Qatar Education City Convention Center, Doha, Qatar
  7. Nathani Heights in Mumbai
  8. Raheja Revanta in Gurgaon.

The company’s work also receives world-wide recognition and awards for its quality, character and innovation in meeting client objectives.