Hare Krishna Movement Vrindavan has been distributing khichdi to all visitors since the inauguration of the temple. We have fed lakhs of people till date upholding our principle – No one should go hungry. We aspire to serve more people in our upcoming cultural complex with larger feeding halls and distribution counters. Hare Krishna Movement Vrindavan welcomes people from all walks of life and aims to make their visit a memorable and mentally enriching experience through food distribution. Visitors also look forward to receiving food in the complex as it is considered to be a blessing and a sign of auspiciousness. We fulfill their expectations and abide by our tradition by serving food in two locations within the cultural complex. Rice cooked with lentils and fresh vegetables will be distributed in a leaf cup to all the visitors throughout the day, while full meals will be served in Annadan hall. This will help people travelling to or from long distances satiate their hunger and continue their journey peacefully. The economically disadvantaged community will also benefit from our Annadan program. Another need for our feeding programs is that Vrindavan celebrates at least a couple of festivals every month. On these occasions, people throng the temples in large numbers. We will be able to manage the crowd smoothly by having a separate facility for cooking and feeding the masses. As there is a need for food and nutrition for people in Braj region, it is imperative to expand our feeding program to reach more children, widow mothers, sadhus and other underprivileged communities. We will strive to ensure that everyone in the region is fed sumptuously with fresh, hot and nutritious food.